Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tag: 50 Favorite Things: 11 - 20

This is my next section of my favorite things!

11) Zumba
I go to a Zumba class at least twice a week.  :)
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12) Smashbox Cosmetics
When I first got into make up as a hobby, Smashbox was one of the first companies I bought from.
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13) Big Hair
I wish my hair would naturally do stuff like this... lol
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 14) Organization
I love when things are nice and put away.  I don't necessarily like to DO it, but I love when it's done.  :)
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 15) The Sims
I've been playing The Sims since it first came out... probably over 10 years ago!  Love it!
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 16) Hazelnut
Love hazelnut in my coffee and desserts.  :)
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 17) Internation Delight Coffee Creamer in French Vanilla
Speaking of coffee, this is my absolute favorite creamer!
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 18) Frasier
There's 11 seasons of Frasier and I've seen them all several times. :P
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 19) Zebras
I love zebra print!  My boyfriend and I went on a "safari" for our first Valentine's Day together.  So fun!

20) Sweaters
I love getting to wear my soft and snugglie sweaters! :)
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vixie b said...

I'm right with you on Zumba, Smashbox and Sims!! Those would be in my tops too!!

Barbie said...

They're the best! :)

Straight Up Glam said...

Ah I love the Sims too! It's so addicting!! I can play for hours and hours, I get so absorbed in the game LOL!

Andrée xx

Barbie said...

Me too! It's one of the only real "games" I play. It really is addicting! lol

Anonymous said...

That sweater is a Victoria's Secret sweater, of which I am a fan.

As well as Frasier, the Sims and also this blog. :-)

Feline said...

10th year sims fan here too!! I'm hoping the seasons expantion pack will be made for sims 3 too... I loved that one!

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