Friday, August 14, 2009

FOTD: August 14, 2009

This was several days ago and I don't remember exactly what I'm wearing.. but here you go anyway!

PS - If you have any suggestions what I should do with my hair, let me know. I need to really switch it up a little!

Review: Laura Geller Spacklettes

Moisture Compound SPF 30 -
-SPF 30
-Goes under makeup easily

-Smells very much like sunscreen

Spackle - Under Make-Up Primer -
-Has a faint smell that goes away quickly.
-Dries fast

-Don't really notice a difference in making my makeup stay longer/look better
-Does not have that silicon feel, which I definitely like.

Spackle - Tinted Under Make-Up Primer in Bronze -
-Has a little smell that takes like, a minute to go away.
-Has a little shimmer

-Bronze look is barely noticeable, and I'm almost as white as they come!
-Shimmer is hard to detect under a foundation
-Probably more of a product to wear alone

Eye Spackle -
-Does great covering imperfections around eyes
-Blends well
-Doesn't get streaky
-Helps eye shadow adhere and makes the color "pop"

-My eye make up still had a tendency to crease.
-Smells chemically, but of course, you don't smell your eyes so it doesn't really bother me.
-The color it comes in is pretty pale and I'm not sure if it would work well for all skin tones.

Lip Spackle -
-Really blanks out lips
-Thicker texture than eye primer
-Spreads easily

-Feels chalky if you get it on your mouth
-Effect doesn't last long without a lipstick/gloss over top
-Emphasizes cracked lips.

Of course, these are all just my personal opinions. Things that may not work for me may work for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I'm always excited to hear from you!

NOTD: Pink and Zebra Print with Konad

China Glaze - Naked
Nailene French Manicure - White
Konad Special Polish - Black
Konad Plate - m62

My nails have paint on the sides a little, so there's only this one this one picture.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tag: In's and Out's!

^^ This is just a random look I did a while back^^^
I love to read these, and while I'm not making any posts about the new stuff I got while I "break it in," I figured I might as well!

- Bronzers
- Bright lip glosses
- Light face makeup
- Extra conditioning shampoos/conditioners!
- Beachy hair! :)
- Bright nail polish! I'm wearing Naked by China Glaze (hot pink).
- White shirts! I'm always wanting to wear white these days!
- Fun earrings!
- Running in the morning!
- Dresses
- My amazing boyfriend :)

- Hot/humid weather!
- Black... I hate wearing black lately. :P
- Being so pale!
- Heavy liquid foundation
- Breakouts
- Summer school!
- Sleeping the day away
- Big hot meals... I hate eating hot food in the summer. lol
- My hair being so flat! BLAHH!
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