Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrity Inspired: Kim Kardashian eye/Audrina Patridge eye & blue shadow look

Just messing around with some makeup today. Looked on YouTube and tried out some looks I saw. I looove the first one. It's a "Kim Kardashian Inspired Smokey Eye" but I changed it a little, didn't put on lashes (don't like to do it!).

This one is an "Audrina from the Hills Inspired Look." Again, made a few tweaks of my own... This is kind of similar to some of my everyday looks.

This one is a "Wearable Blue Inspired Look." Would I wear this out? Probably not. But it was kind of fun to do and it's not necessarily scary blue. It probably would look better if I had done my face and the other eye so yall could see, but I was feeling lazy and just messing around before I shower!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

DIY: Depotting and pressing pigments, MAC lipstick haul

I have 2 large (7.5g) MAC pigments and 4 pigments probably half of the large size. I don't use them very much because they get messy and in the mornings I don't have enough time to deal with it. I decided to try pressing them. I used Jardin Aires (the beige) and Copperized (the green) to test this out because I have the most of them. I bought the 91% alcohol (like, $1 at Wal*Mart) and before I bought empty pans and stuff, I decided to try doing this in the two empty pans of a CoverGirl palette I already owned!

It actually worked out pretty great. They're probably a little more powdery than the regular pressed shadows from MAC, but either way, I have been using them more and that was the point in the first place!

After I successfully accomplished pressing some pigments, I decided I was going to buy the 15 pan MAC palette ($12 on MAC's site) and the travel size 4 pan palette ($4? I think). Anyway, I used MakeUpGeek's (youtube) method for depotting using a flat iron and it worked out great!

Here's my travel palette with some shadows! (dazzlelight, print, woodwinked and sable)

Instead of printing labels and all that stuff, I just took the label off the bottom of the pan's compact and stuck it to the back of my pan.

This ^^ is the magnet roll I used. I bought it at Michaels for $2 I think. I couldn't find anything else. I was scared at first that it might be too fat of a magnet and make my shadow pans float too much in my palettes, but they probably only stick out like, 1mm. So I'm happy! I don't care that much!

Moving on, my sweet boyfriend heard me say that I really wanted Viva Glam V from MAC, so he went and just randomly got it for me! :) I absolutely love it!
This is Viva Glam V ^^^

It feels a little empty getting only one lipstick at a time, so I went ahead and bought myself Brave from MAC. At first, Brave and Viva Glam V looked sooo similar and I was worried about that! But! Turns out they have some subtle differences.

This is Brave vvvv

Here's a picture of them together. Brave is slightly more pink than Viva Glam V. Brave is a Satin finish and Viva Glam V is a Lustre finish, so it has kind of a shimmery texture. I usually REALLY go for pinky lip colors, but I think I would say that I like Viva Glam V more. I'll definitely repurchase it. But don't get me wrong, I'm loving Brave right now too!

Just a little side note: This is the flat iron I used to depot my shadows. My other iron broke before I went out of town so I needed one in a pinch. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and got this super cute pink one! It's even got a little bling bling! Very me! :) It heats up fast and straightens my hair really well! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love my boyfriend. :)

I went to see him for a week and these were two of my favorite pictures that we took. :) Just thought I'd share!

Hopefully there will be more make up related posts soon!
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