Saturday, February 28, 2009

Swatches: NYX lip and eye products has some sort of offer, I think free shipping with any purchase over $40. SO! I decided to try these products for the first time! I've only tested them out for a couple days, and so far so good! The swatches on the site are BAD so you pretty much have to blindly pick some colors. Out of the 8 Round Lipsticks I bought, I think there's 2 that I really don't like... but oh well! For $2/ea. it's not a huge deal!

On with the pictures! (you can tell as you go through the pictures, I started getting tired with apply the lipsticks.. haha). All lipsticks were applied with no base, then wiped off with a tissue in between. I started from lightest to darkest so my lips wouldn't get too stained for the light ones!

Round Lipstick, $2
**Round lipsticks have a very creamy texture. No smell, no taste.

Athena: Very light pink with silver shimmer

Athena: Lip swatch. For some reason it's turned like this..

Harmonica: Baby pink with gold shimmer.

Harmonica: Lip swatch

Thalia: I think this is my favorite. Matte berryish color.

Thalia: Lip swatch.

Comparison: Athena, Harmonica, Thalia. My faves! Fave from this group, Thalia.

Frappucino: Matte. Darker and more reddish that Thalia.

Frappucino: Lip swatch

Heather: Fairly matte. Has some sort of a silvery shimmer. VERY subtle.

Heather: Lip swatch

Perfect: Matte. Berry shade. Darker than Thalia.

Comparison: Frappucino, Heather, Perfect. My fave from this group is Heather.

Peony: Very cute color, but with UGLY purple shimmer. HATE IT.

Peony: Lip swatch, purple shimmer does not show up in pictures, but AWFUL in real life. I'm not a fan.

Aphrodite: Purple lip color with silver shimmer.

Aphrodite: Lip swatch, I hate this color most. The color is hideously purple, but I guess if you're into having purple lips...

Comparion: Peony, Aphrodite. Hate both of these!

Tinted Lip Spa, $4

Nirvana: It looks like an ugly brown in this picture, but it's actually very sheer.

Nirvana: Lip swatch.
**Menthol smell/taste. Very moisturizing.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss, $4
NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss, $2

Mega Shine: Smokey Look
Love the color. The applicator is a weird shaped doe-foot. It's longer and more slanted than the typical doe-foot applicators. This has a vanilla smell. Creamy (not sticky! :D) texture. No taste.

Round Gloss: Whipped.
This is a better color for a smokey eye than "Smokey Eye" gloss above! Creamy (and again, not sticky) texture. More slanted than usual doe-foot applicator, but not as long as the Mega Gloss applicator. Citrus scent. No taste.

NYX Fabulous Lashes, $4
Fairly nature looking lashes. Not TOO long, but they have some good length. I did not use with the glue provided. I applied mine with LashGrip.

NYX Single Eyeshadows, $3.50
Both shadows seem pretty good! Very powdery, not sure if that's a good thing but it takes NO effort to get the product on your brush. I've only used these with UDPP, so I'm not sure how their wearable-ness will be without a primer.

02 White:
Matte color. Good color payoff. Not really a good highlight color because it's SO white. But I've blended it really good into my brow bone and made it work. :)

07 Highlight:
Matte. Good color payoff, again! Haven't used this as a highlight, but I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty good!

Cherry Culture Cherry Gloss: FREE with every order!
Has a very subtle pink tint and also an AMAZING cherry smell. No taste.

NYX Long Lip Pencils, $2 (I got mine on a BOGO deal)

Natural Swatch (top)

Auburn Swatch (bottom)

Hope you guys found this helpful! :) If you have any questions, please ask!
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