Sunday, December 20, 2009

Haul: MAC & Smashbox

My boyfriend and I had to celebrate Christmas a little early this year because we weren't going to be seeing each other on Christmas (and for about 2 weeks after Christmas too :( ) so I'd like to show yall my make up related gifts!

He took me to MAC and let me pick out a couple things and then we headed out to Sephora so I could look there too!

I ended up getting MAC Gingerly blush. I was wanting a peachy kind of blush because I don't have one yet so this one really stood out to me. I'm kind of worried about using a MAC product on my face (other than eye make up) because the foundation I tried from them made me break out really bad. BUT! We'll see how this goes!

Gingerly is described on the MAC website as "Capri bronze (Sheertone)." While I can't really say much else about it right now because I only wore it for the first time today, I can say that it's very matte which is nice and a little bit goes a LONG way. When I asked my sister how it looked on me today she said "It's very natural but you have a very healthy glow." So that's nice, right!?

Of course, how can I get something from MAC without getting some eye shadows... lol After toiling over what colors I would get, I finally decided on a nice wearable gray and a fun warm/brown color.

To the left: "Print - Muted grey with shimmer (Satin)"
To the right: "Sable - Gold-plum w/bronze pearl (Velvet)"
As described on the MAC website.

I absolutely LOVE Sable. I would say it's king of purplie/pink/brown. It definitely has a sheen to it. I put it all over my lids today (and put a dark brown in the crease) and it looked really nice. It's a very unique color.

I haven't used Print yet, but it's so pretty! It's got the smallest little pieces of glitter/shimmer (whatever you wanna call it) and I think it'll make a really nice smokey eye. :)

Then, off to Sephora. I was looking to find a brown pencil liner that was soft like my MAC Eye Kohl (I LOVE IT) but I didn't necessarily want it to be SO smudgy. I searched all sorts of brands and I saw the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils (I've heard they were really good) but I didn't really like the color of brown they had. So finally, I went back to the Smashbox aisle (my love for Smashbox will never die! haha!) and I saw a box of eyeliners (a special for Christmas) with 5 different eyeliners for $32! NICE! Had to snap it up! It comes with a black, brown, silver, purple and green pencil. Nice to beef up the variety of liner colors I have too! I've heard some people say that the liners smear after only a few hours of use but I put on the brown liner about 10 hours ago and it's still nicely in place. :)

You can find the liners on here:

Basically, I'm a happy girl. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FOTD: Brown Smokey Eye//Gray Smokey Eye

^^^This was sometime in the middle of October^^^

^^^Thanksgiving Day - my boyfriend is SO cute! lol! ^^^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FOTD: December 9, 2009

This is old. I always forget to put the pics up, or I get lazy, or I just don't take any. Haha! Anyway, this is a few weeks ago. It's pretty much my "normal" make up look, just tweaked a little. I usually do a brown smokey eye, but I had switched this to a gray/black one. I think it looks cute with the pink shirt. Also wearing pale pink lips as well! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY: Acrylic Nails with ASP Kit

Please visit my latest post on acrylic nails HERE.  :)

I went to Sally Beauty Supply the other day and picked up....,default,pd.html?cgid=Nail03

It is the ASP All in One Pink and White Kit. It comes with a pink acrylic powder, a white acrylic powder, 20 tips, acrylic bonding liquid, nail glue, a brush to apply the products and a mini nail file. It cost me about $12 with my Beauty Club Card. I paint my nails different every week, and I've done the press on nails....etc. I've never tried any acrylic type of stuff before. SO! I am a beginner! BUT! Here's a picture from right now!

I took the picture with my phone, so it might not be the best quality, but! They look pretty nice I think! It took a little time, I won't deny that, and the acrylic bonding liquid will make your room/house smell like a nail salon, but it's so much cheaper to do it this way!

I cut my natural nails short. I laid out what tips I was going to use on what fingers first (the kit has 20 tips, but some are for wider nails and I guess I have skinny fingers). I used my bar file (that nail file that's a long rectangle thing?) to rough my nails up a little so the glue could stick, I carefully glued the nails on (btw, these tips have little indents indicating how far you should put them down on your nail). I put the white powder and liquid solution to the tips, I did the pink powder and liquid solution over the nail bed and over my tips (the pink is pretty translucent so it won't discolor the tips). I used my bar file again to smooth the surface of my nail. I also added a top coat to my nails.

These nails look pretty matte. SO, if you're not into that, you may want to purchase a some sort of buffer liquid or something to make them shinier.

But anyway, if you can do 2 sets of nails with this kit, it's only $6 a set! NICE!

Hope yall find this interesting!

OH, btw - the acrylic stuff sets in like, 3 minutes with no UV light or anything. It's like painting your nails. Paint it on, leave it alone until it's completely dry, and then go from there.

Monday, September 7, 2009

DIY: Depotting an UDPP

So my Urban Decay Primer Potion broke on the bottom, so since I was barely getting any on my applicator anymore, I decided to cut it and scoop out the rest of the primer! It was wayyy easier than I thought it would be! I used a serrated knife (bread knife). I could not get a good picture of how full the container was that I put the rest in, but it was a HUGE amount! Probably enough for another several months of use! I'm excited! :)

Here's some random pictures from my weekend with my boyfriend!


We have too much fun! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

FOTD: August 14, 2009

This was several days ago and I don't remember exactly what I'm wearing.. but here you go anyway!

PS - If you have any suggestions what I should do with my hair, let me know. I need to really switch it up a little!

Review: Laura Geller Spacklettes

Moisture Compound SPF 30 -
-SPF 30
-Goes under makeup easily

-Smells very much like sunscreen

Spackle - Under Make-Up Primer -
-Has a faint smell that goes away quickly.
-Dries fast

-Don't really notice a difference in making my makeup stay longer/look better
-Does not have that silicon feel, which I definitely like.

Spackle - Tinted Under Make-Up Primer in Bronze -
-Has a little smell that takes like, a minute to go away.
-Has a little shimmer

-Bronze look is barely noticeable, and I'm almost as white as they come!
-Shimmer is hard to detect under a foundation
-Probably more of a product to wear alone

Eye Spackle -
-Does great covering imperfections around eyes
-Blends well
-Doesn't get streaky
-Helps eye shadow adhere and makes the color "pop"

-My eye make up still had a tendency to crease.
-Smells chemically, but of course, you don't smell your eyes so it doesn't really bother me.
-The color it comes in is pretty pale and I'm not sure if it would work well for all skin tones.

Lip Spackle -
-Really blanks out lips
-Thicker texture than eye primer
-Spreads easily

-Feels chalky if you get it on your mouth
-Effect doesn't last long without a lipstick/gloss over top
-Emphasizes cracked lips.

Of course, these are all just my personal opinions. Things that may not work for me may work for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I'm always excited to hear from you!

NOTD: Pink and Zebra Print with Konad

China Glaze - Naked
Nailene French Manicure - White
Konad Special Polish - Black
Konad Plate - m62

My nails have paint on the sides a little, so there's only this one this one picture.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tag: In's and Out's!

^^ This is just a random look I did a while back^^^
I love to read these, and while I'm not making any posts about the new stuff I got while I "break it in," I figured I might as well!

- Bronzers
- Bright lip glosses
- Light face makeup
- Extra conditioning shampoos/conditioners!
- Beachy hair! :)
- Bright nail polish! I'm wearing Naked by China Glaze (hot pink).
- White shirts! I'm always wanting to wear white these days!
- Fun earrings!
- Running in the morning!
- Dresses
- My amazing boyfriend :)

- Hot/humid weather!
- Black... I hate wearing black lately. :P
- Being so pale!
- Heavy liquid foundation
- Breakouts
- Summer school!
- Sleeping the day away
- Big hot meals... I hate eating hot food in the summer. lol
- My hair being so flat! BLAHH!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FOTD: July 28, 2009

So this was just my eye look yesterday. My memory card was in my computer and I don't have the camera software installed, so I had to put these on my TV and take the pictures with my phone... if that makes sense. Anyway... here's my eye look! The colors didn't pick up that well, but it was dark brown with some light blue in. You can't see the blue at all though... My skirt was like, gray and blue plaid so they kinda complimented each other! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organization: Makeup 2009


So, I love to see how other people store their makeup, so I thought I'd post a blog of how I do mine! If anyone actually reads this, let me know what you think! lol

Please also view my updated post here!

This is actually a DVD wall mount holder that I got from Target, but I decided it would be cute for makeup too! The top left has a vase of eye liners/lip pencils/shadesticks. I keep my eyebrow palettes next to that, then my q-tips and bobby pins, and then my collection of brushes! The second level holds my blushes (I guess thats what they would be), and my primers and foundations. The bottom level has a decorative candle holder, a bottle of perfume that's too big to put with my others, 2 Estee Lauder eyeshdow palettes and my deodorant and face lotion.

This plate is actually what I used to put my eyeshadows in until I got too many, so now I use it as a kabuki holder and I put my double ended Smashbox brush there because I don't wanna bend the bristles or anything in a vase.

This is my 5-drawer organizer that is to the right of my DVD holder thing...

The first drawer holds eyelashes and tweezers and such. I don't wear eyelashes very often, but I have a few in case I need them! :)

These are my solid eyeshadows, obviously... lol

These are my different powder/pigment shadows. I actually don't wear any of these often... lol

The fourth drawer holds my lip glosses.

The 5th drawer holds my lipsticks.

My collection outgrew this first cabinet... isn't that sad? lol But anyway, this is my three drawer organizer that sits to the right of my 5 drawer one.

The first drawer holds my EDM samples and stuff, my other powders and my Rimmel bronzer that I loooove.

The 2nd drawer holds my mascaras, eyelash curler and hair ties, as you can see. I kept losing my hair ties, so I put them there. It's working out. :P

The last drawer here is my "junk" drawer. It has sun screen, scissors, strap perfects, back up kabuki, an eyeliner spare, tape, my eye pencil sharpeners... etc.

Anyway! That's my stuff! If you see anything you wanna know about or whatever, let me know and I'll be happy to help! When I see other people's collection/storage method, it makes me want to reorganize mine. :P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haul: Birthday (MUFE, Stila, Laura Geller)

Hey Everyone!

My birthday was July 16th and my wonderful boyfriend, among all the other fantastic surprises he got me, got me a $100 Sephora gift card!

I just ordered last night... so I'm super excited to get my stuff in the mail! I got the MUFE Mat Velvet+ ( totally guessed my shade - No. 20 Ivory)

I got the Stila bronzed/glow set.

And the Laura Geller - The Spackettes kit.

These are all products I haven't tried before, so I'm even more excited! I've also got some samples and my Sephora birthday lip gloss too. :)

I really should start posting up the eyeshadow looks I've been doing lately. I've been going to school this summer, so I haven't really had time to get around to make-up-bloging. Haha!

Well, thanks for subscribing, everyone!

All photos courtesy of

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Haul: MAC (eye products)

Left to Right: Amber lights, Dazzlelight, Woodwinked

So I took advantage of the MAC F&F sale with for 25% off! :) I'm too sunburned to even attempt to use these and look nice though, but I'll post pics when I do! I picked up some shadows, a paint pot, an eyeliner and a lipstick. :) Here's some pictures and swatches!

Left to Right: Amber lights, Dazzlelight, Woodwinked.

Amber lights (Frost)
I thought this was kind of a nice summery color. It's kind of bronze-ie, orange-ie, brown-ie, gold-ie... all rolled into one! The MAC website describes it as: Peachy-brown with shimmer. The swatch on the website is not NEARLY as vivid as the actual color in real life.

Dazzlelight (Veluxe Pearl)
This color is like an off-white beige color with a sheen to it. Perfect for highlighting the brow bone! MAC describes it as: Neutral with shimmer. The swatch on the website is TOO beige. The actual color in real life is a few shades lighter than that swatch.

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl)
This color kind of reminds me of a lighter shade of Satin Taupe in the pan, but in the swatch, it appears much lighter. The MAC website decribes it as: Warm antique gold, but I'd say it's more of a warm antique gold/brown. Haha! There's definitely a goldy sheen to it. The swatch on the website is actually pretty close to the color in real life. :) You just can't see the sheen.

Left to right: Amber lights, Dazzlelight, Woodwinked

Below: Rubenesque Paint Pot (Frost)

*Thats a glass bubble in the bottom of the container. Not sure if that's typical of all paint pots, or just a flaw with mine. Either way, it does not affect the product in the container.

Paint pots are firm, cream eye shadows. You barely need to touch it at all to get the product on your finger. Rubenesque, the color I purchased, is another summery color. It's kind of similiar to Amber Lights eye shadow but in a cream form. It's also a little lighter. I'm excited to layer them!

MAC describes Rubenesque as: Golden peach w/gold pearl, but the swatch on the website is not as vivid as the actual color. The website swatch looks a little boring. lol

I also ordered the MAC Smolder Eye Kohl. It's super creamy. A really deep black. Definitely need to set it with powder, luckily, I have MAC Carbon for that! Haha! I heard it was "hard" to use because it's so smooth, but we shall see after my sunburn clears up! Eek!

Anyway, I also ordered Myth lipstick, but I didn't receive it in my package. I called MAC today with the 1-800 number on my order slip and told them and they are going to 2-day ship it to me. :) The whole conversation with the rep took about 10 seconds. Haha. :) That's what I like! I'll post pics of it when I get it!

Hope this helped someone!
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