Sunday, December 20, 2009

Haul: MAC & Smashbox

My boyfriend and I had to celebrate Christmas a little early this year because we weren't going to be seeing each other on Christmas (and for about 2 weeks after Christmas too :( ) so I'd like to show yall my make up related gifts!

He took me to MAC and let me pick out a couple things and then we headed out to Sephora so I could look there too!

I ended up getting MAC Gingerly blush. I was wanting a peachy kind of blush because I don't have one yet so this one really stood out to me. I'm kind of worried about using a MAC product on my face (other than eye make up) because the foundation I tried from them made me break out really bad. BUT! We'll see how this goes!

Gingerly is described on the MAC website as "Capri bronze (Sheertone)." While I can't really say much else about it right now because I only wore it for the first time today, I can say that it's very matte which is nice and a little bit goes a LONG way. When I asked my sister how it looked on me today she said "It's very natural but you have a very healthy glow." So that's nice, right!?

Of course, how can I get something from MAC without getting some eye shadows... lol After toiling over what colors I would get, I finally decided on a nice wearable gray and a fun warm/brown color.

To the left: "Print - Muted grey with shimmer (Satin)"
To the right: "Sable - Gold-plum w/bronze pearl (Velvet)"
As described on the MAC website.

I absolutely LOVE Sable. I would say it's king of purplie/pink/brown. It definitely has a sheen to it. I put it all over my lids today (and put a dark brown in the crease) and it looked really nice. It's a very unique color.

I haven't used Print yet, but it's so pretty! It's got the smallest little pieces of glitter/shimmer (whatever you wanna call it) and I think it'll make a really nice smokey eye. :)

Then, off to Sephora. I was looking to find a brown pencil liner that was soft like my MAC Eye Kohl (I LOVE IT) but I didn't necessarily want it to be SO smudgy. I searched all sorts of brands and I saw the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils (I've heard they were really good) but I didn't really like the color of brown they had. So finally, I went back to the Smashbox aisle (my love for Smashbox will never die! haha!) and I saw a box of eyeliners (a special for Christmas) with 5 different eyeliners for $32! NICE! Had to snap it up! It comes with a black, brown, silver, purple and green pencil. Nice to beef up the variety of liner colors I have too! I've heard some people say that the liners smear after only a few hours of use but I put on the brown liner about 10 hours ago and it's still nicely in place. :)

You can find the liners on here:

Basically, I'm a happy girl. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Nice presents! You lucky girl =) I haven't ever even looked at Sable, or Print, now I want to get them both! MAC blushes are nice, they don't break me out thankfully.
XO Happy Christmas...and let's hope that the weeks go past quickly, so you see your bf again!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

aww cute!!! my boyfriends at mac right now too buying my xmas crap hehe

Pu Bear said...

Thanks, You have a wonderful boyfriend too ;)...I love everything you got.. hopefully the blush works, gingerly is gorgeous!. I absolutely love sable. It is so pretty!! I wear it all the time, it works great for fall/winter looks.

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