Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swatches: MAC Lipsticks

Please view my newly updated MAC Lipstick Swatches post here:

Same Content, Better Swatches.


Here is my collection of MAC lipsticks so far.  :)  Thought yall would like to see, as the website (last time I checked) has pretty horrible swatches to reference.

Here's a description I found about MAC lipstick finishes, because it can get a little confusing.  The following information can be found at:

AMPLIFIED CREME: High impact and high color with lots of shine for a dramatic look.
FROST: Shimmery frosted finish. High shine glamour.
GLAZE: A shiny finish tinted with colour. Gives lips a sexy sheen.
LUSTRE: Slightly sheer, with an ultra shiny finish. Gives lips a high impact, wet, lustre look.
MATTE: Intense colour, matte finish.
METALLIC FROST: Frosted colour with a metallic, high-shine finish
SATIN: Semi-matte finish with lots of colour for soft, smooth lips.
SHEER: Just a tint of colour in this barely there, natural sheer colour treatment.
LIP TREATMENT: A completely sheer lip treatment for a natural and healthy look.

MAC Lipsticks retail for $14.50 from

With Flash:
 Left to Right: Top - Angel, Beachbound, Brave, Colour Crafted, Hue, Hug Me
Bottom - Madly Creative, Myth, Saint Germain, Sweetie, Viva Glam I, Viva Glam V
 Without Flash:
  Left to Right: Top - Angel, Beachbound, Brave, Colour Crafted, Hue, Hug Me
Bottom - Madly Creative, Myth, Saint Germain, Sweetie, Viva Glam I, Viva Glam V

Individual Lipstick Info

Angel - 

Description on MAC:
Soft pink (Frost)

This is a really nice, soft, wearable pink.  It's my all time favorite lipstick.  :)  It's buildable and has a very good color payoff.  It's the first lipstick EVER that I'll have to repurchase. 

Beachbound -

Description on MAC:
(Description is not available.  This product was limited edition)

This is a very sheer, gold-orange, lipstick that is very nice and light for the summer.

Brave -

Description on MAC: 
Pink-beige with white pearl (Satin)

I'd say this is a little more than just pink-beige.  It seems to me this is a little darker than what "pink-beige with white pearl" would conjure up in my mind.  It is however, very much a "my lips, but better" shade for me.  Because it's a satin finish, the payoff is pretty opaque. 

Colour Crafted -

Description on MAC:(Description is not available.  This product was limited edition)

As you may be able to tell from the swatches, this color is very similar to Saint Germain.  It's actually a little more on the salmon side than Saint Germain, which is a very pink lipstick.  I feel like this is a statement making lipstick and not just a natural wearable shade.

Hue -

Description on MAC:
Soft pale pink (Glaze)

The one I have is broken at the bottom, so that's why my tube looks nasty, in case anyone was wondering... lol.  Hue is a very nude/natural color.  Especially for my skin.  It's a glaze, so it has a nice finish and doesn't really NEED a lipgloss, but sometimes I like to put one over the top so it warms up the color a little.  

Hug Me - 

Description on MAC: 
Flesh pink (Lustre)  

I'm not sure who's flesh is this color, but it is a nice shade.  It's actually very close to Brave, except more brown, whereas Brave is more on the pink side.  

Madly Creative -

Description on MAC:
(Description is not available.  This product was limited edition)

 This lipstick is a very shimmery, sheer, brown-beige color.  For how shimmery it is, it's still pretty wearable.  It can be built up for more color if that's the desired effect.

Myth -

Description on MAC:
Pale muted peachy-beige (Satin)

This is a very bold nude lip color (for me).  It looks very much like concealer on my lips.  When I do a very dark smokey eye, I like to wear this with a little bit of pink toned gloss over.  The payoff of this lipstick is very nice and will completely blank out your lips.  It does have a semi-pink tone to it.  But my skin has a lot of pink in it, so I look kind of dead when I wear it alone.  Haha!

 Saint Germain -

Description on MAC:
Clean pastel pink (Amplified Creme)  

This is the epitome of Barbie doll pink (which sort of works for me because my name actually is Barbie... lol).  This color is so pink, it practically glows.  And like Myth, this will completely cover your lips.  The payoff is very good.  You can definitely cover up whatever natural lip tone you have with this lipstick. 

Sweetie -

Description on MAC:
Ultra-sweet pink (Lustre)  

This is more of a dusty-plumy rose kind of pink than what I would call "sweet" pink.  It's a fairly sheer color that is buildable.  It's very shiny on it's own without a lip gloss.  Again, my tube is broken for this one, so I don't wear it as often as I would normally because it's a pain to put on.  But the color is a very nice punched up natural color.

Viva Glam I -

Description on MAC:
Intense brownish blue-red (Matte)  

Intense is definitely the right word.  I'm not sure "brownish" is.  It's definitely a bright, intense, blue-red though.  This being a matte color let's you wear it super intense, or tone it down with a gloss.  For some reason, red lips are more in your face when they're matte I think.  It's a very pretty red lip color.

Viva Glam V -

Description on MAC:

Neutral pink with pearl (Lustre)

This would probably be my second place all time favorite lipstick.  Pretty close anyway!  It's a very nice, natural, dusty rose kind of color.  It looks great with smokey eyes, and neutral eyes.  It's extremely wearable.  It looks like it has a gold-ish shimmer in it.  It's a very nice shade!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing swatches!  I always do!  It took a lot of work and time to get this together, so feedback is very appreciated!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Inspired: Metallic Silver and Gold

Here's another Christmas party inspired look.  :)  It's more classic than the other ones I've done so far!  Also a great excuse to wear a red lip if you choose!  I've paired the look with 3 different lip colors so you can chose what looks better!  I definitely think a darker lip is more suited with this look.  :)

 In this photo, I'm wearing Estee Lauder Pure Color l/s in Fig.

 In this photo, I'm wearing MAC l/s in Myth.  (Probably wouldn't pair these two together, but the photo is just because I had the other half of my face done a different way, and used this lipstick for that picture!  lol)

 In this photo, I'm wearing NYX Round l/s in Perfect.

Main Products Used:
MAC e/s in Gorgeous (a silver color with sheen)
MAC e/s in Dark Devotion (a matte dark brown)
UD e/s in Half Baked (a shimmery gold)
UD e/s in Smog (a brown with gold shimmer)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspiration: Lebanese Lovely

The make up forum I go on,, has make up contests all the time.  So I entered another with the theme "Lebanese Lovely."

Hope these inspire you!  :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Inspired: Evergreen Look

Here's another Christmas look.  Just a cute and cheery green look!  I think it looks great with brown eyes. :)

Main colors I used:
  • MAC Pigment in Copperized (a shimmery jungle green - outer corner & under eye)
  • MAC e/s in Dark Devotion (a matte dark brown - lightly to blend the crease)
  • Beauty From The Earth multi-purpose minerals - Envy (shimmer lime green - inner corner & under eye) and Green Apple (shimmer bright medium green - middle section of lid)
For cheeks I used MAC blush in Gingerly.  I think it works really nice with green eye shadows!

For lips I used MAC l/s in Brave.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NOTD: OPI - Meet Me On The Star Ferry

I think this is the perfect fall color.  :)  I'm not even a huge fan of purple nail polishes, but this one has changed me!

Picked it up a little over a month ago at Target and have been wearing it ever since!

This is two coats.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Inspired: Green and Gold

 This is, as the title suggests, a Christmas party inspired look.

The main products I used are:
UD e/s in Half Baked (inner corner - just a gold color)
MAC Pigment in Copperized (middle of eye - a jungle green color)
UD e/s in Creep (outter corner - sparklie black)

The whole lid has a sparklie gold pigment over it:
Beauty From The Earth multi-purpose minerals in 24K Gold.

MAC l/s in Myth

And of course, my Victoria's Secret pj's!  lol

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY: Cleaning False Lashes

 How to go from this:
To this:

(I didn't even notice that I didn't take a pic of the same lash each time.  I just grabbed one.  Sorry about that!  Anyway, for reference, these are Ardell Demi Wispies)

What I Did
  1. First I picked off what glue I could... obviously they were super gross, and a lot of the glue didn't come off!  lol
  2. Next I soaked them in an alcohol (I used 91%) and water mixture hoping to degenerate the glue (and sanitize the lashes), which worked!  So I pulled off the softened glue carefully.
  3. Then, I put my lashes on a paper towel and used a Q-Tip dipped in eye make up remover to rub the mascara off the actual lashes.
  4. After, I put my lashes in a bowl of soapy water to get the oil from the make up remover off of them.
  5. Finally, I patted them dry and put them back on the little case thing they came in.  
Ta da! They look brand new!

I tried to clean a cheaper pair of costume lashes this same way, I think they were Claire's brand, and they completely fell apart after I took them out of the alcohol and started pulling off the glue.  Be careful!  :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspiration: Arabic Makeup (smokey black)

This kind of make up is my favorite to do, and I've recently been inspired to do some looks and take pictures.  This isn't something I wear out, but it's fun to play with!

FOTD: Neutral Eye and Red Lip

I did this look a couple days ago.  I feel very odd when I wear a neutral eye and a red lip because most of the time I wear a smokey eye and a neutral lip.  But, you're never too old to branch out! 

The eye shadow, if I can remember, is UD Naked and Buck.  And some sort of highlight I'm sure.  But it's mostly those two.  And the lip is Estee Lauder Pure Color in Fig with a little bit of UD Half Baked e/s in the middle of each lip, topped off with a Sephora l/g in Bronzed Beauty.

  • If you feel odd with a red lip, I recommend wearing a red shirt (like in my pics) so the red lip isn't so "out there"
  • Another reason I like the idea of a red lip is because I have really horrible acne scars (not sure if you can see in the pic, I've gotten pretty good at concealer! I need to do a blog about it, but that would require taking a pic of my horrible skin... lol), and I feel like the red lip draws attention away from the red on my face.

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