Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once again, I'm being a terrible blogger!

My posting frequency leaves much to be desired these days.  Since I had to give up my make-up desk and space to work, I've just had no motivation to take pics/post blogs about the goings on on my face! :-P

Fortunately, the other day I took a picture (albeit crappy quality) when I got ready to go out! :)

Make up is simple and nothing to write home about.  I know for sure I'm wearing MAC l/s in Angel.  It's my fave!

The pièce de résistance of this picture is my hair! lol!  :)  I normally part my hair to the side, but lately I've  been trying a center part.  I think it's a nice change.  And I've discovered that it only looks weird to me.  Everyone else just said my hair looked really good, and some people didn't even notice it wasn't my typical part.  The old addage is true: you spend more time worrying what others think than they spend actually thinking it.

Either way, to get this hair, I washed it, blow dried it upside down (tends to be my yooj (usual... but shortened)) and put it in hot rollers.  I always start rollering my hair from the top front, which I roll away from my face.  Then I continue down the center of my head til I have a hot roller mohawk. lol!  Then I roll the sides (also away from my face - and also those rollers sit vertically on my head. One in front of my ear, one behind). Then I spray it all over with hairspray and leave the rollers in until they're cool. After the rollers come out, I spray it all again with hairspray.

And viola! A hairstyle humans go nuts over (Lol! Scuttle quote from The Little Mermaid!)!

This picture was taken toward the middle of June.  I've since cut about 2-3 inches off my hair, so I'm reminiscing today!

Have a great weekend!
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