Sunday, May 31, 2009

Polyvore Outfit & 10 Pan Update


10 Pan Update!
I've used up 5 items!
- 1 liquid liner
- 1 pressed powder
- 1 loose power
- 2 liners (brown & black).

Hard not to buy, especially with a zebra print packaged item at MAC for Style Warriors... lol

Friday, May 29, 2009

FOTD: May 29, 2009

New Face Of The Day!
These make me realize how not photogenic I am... lol

Revlon Colorstay
Smashbox Blush/Soft lights duo - Super/Model (this is my favorite
Rimmel - Natural Bronze
Maybelline - Mineral Power finishing veil

MAC - Juiced
MAC - Jardin Aires
Beauty From The Earth - 24k Gold
Beauty From The Earth - Crushed
Beauty From The Earth - Blueberry
Smashbox cream liner in Midnight Brown
Smashbox brow tech in Taupe
Mascara (maybelline colossal)

MAC - Angel l/s
Estee Lauder - Rose l/g

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration: Summer 2009 Eye Make Up Looks!

I used to do these all the time... I have folder upon folder on my computer of different eye make up looks. I need to start back up again, I think! :)

Anyway, so obviously the colors of the summer are bronze/gold, and blue and purple. Especially purple I think, which is kind of disappointing because I'm not really a fan. Either way! These are some looks I came up with!

PS - Forgive my sloppy looking eyebrows for today! Definitely need to wax them, but I'm being lazy! :P

Beauty from the Earth - Multipurpose minerals - Grape (lash line and waterline), Karma (middle layer), Crush (upper lid), 24k Gold (over crush).
NYX Single Shadow - Highlight (for the browbone, I think... lol).

MAC -shadow - Juiced (all over lid)
MAC - pigment - Jardin Aires (all over juiced)
Beauty from the Earth - Multipurpose minerals - Crushed (crease), Blueberry (waterline, upper lash -halfway), 24k Gold (to blend Crush)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FOTD: May 26, 2009

Eye of the Day!

I used the MAC - Red She Said 6 Smokey Eye Palette. (silver/black side)
Wet N Wild liquid liner in black.
Smashbox Brow Tech in brunette... or whatever the color is called. lol
and lashes from Claires.
Revlon Colorstay liner in charcoal (water line)
Maybelline Colossal mascara in Classic black

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Mascara Comparison: Mac Zoom Lash vs. Maybelline Colossal

A comparison between MAC Zoom Lash mascara and Maybelline Colossal mascara. Before putting the mascara on, I just curled my eyelashes (as I always do) and only applied ONE COAT of each, because I normally only wear one coat. I'm only comparing initial application outcomes. However, I have worn both these mascaras all day long and didn't notice any significant flaking or anything. . . . Anyway, the results!

MAC Zoom Lash:
What they promise:
"This instant volume mascara power-lifts the lashes into length, curls them up...builds them faster than you can wink! Precision control wand glides smoothly down lashes to provide a gorgeously silky upward “sweep”. Smudgeproof and long-wearing!"

My opinion:
This mascara definitely helped my lashes look longer even though they are a little bit clumped. I also felt like if I had applied another coat, they would have been even worse. But, I don't normally do two coats, so that's not a HUGE problem for me. This also seemed to straighten out my already curled lashes.

Worn in "ZoomBlack":

Maybelline Colossal:
What they promise:
"Creates 9X the volume, instantly.
  • Patented MegaBrush + Collagen Formula plump lashes one by one
  • Dramatic Volume with no clumps"
$7 - $8

My opinion:
I love this mascara. I love the thick wand with the kind of separated bristles to make sure the lashes get between. This definitely adds volume to my lashes. My lashes didn't end up stuck together or clumped. My lashes stayed curled.

Worn in "Classic Black":

The Verdict:
Overall, I feel like the Colossal mascara made my lashes look thicker and fuller. For the price difference of about $4 between these two mascaras, I'd say you're better off with the Maybelline. Will I use up the rest of my Zoom Lash? Definitely. Will I purchase more? No.

Hope you guys liked this review! What's your favorite mascara?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polyvore Discovery!

On the makeup forum I go on,, there's a fashion face-off challenge and I entered for the first time. Anyway, is a site where you can mix and match clothing and it's super fun!

This is the first outfit I ever made, we had to make an outfit around the shoes. I'm trying to change/add to my style and stuff. . . so I think this is a good way!

Haul: Sally's Beauty Supply & NOTD

So, I just had my tonsils out May 15th- it was quite a hellish ordeal... lol I'm still recovering, but that's why I haven't posted in forever!

Also, I'm currently on a "no-buy" for make up until I use up 10 products from my collection (lollipops 10 Pan deal). I've finished I think 3 items so far. But anyway, it's killing me! lol

I went to Sally's today to get a new blow dryer because my diffuser wasn't fitting on my other one (which I gave to my sister). So I bought this really cute transparent pink dryer. I think it was like $30. There's an attachment on it in this picture (air concentrator). Apparently it has ion technology which makes your hair dry faster, shinier, and causes less damage. We'll see!

I haven't been using my Konad nail stamper much because obviously I haven't been feeling up to it with my recent surgery, but I went and got my nails done a few days before my appointment. My boyfriend was coming into town and I knew I wouldn't be looking nice at all so I tried to "pretty-up" a little for him. :) I wanted a black stripe (I'm really into black and white these days) but my dad says it looks more like I have dirty fingernails. What do you think? lol

Also at Sally's, I couldn't resist looking at the nail polish (and it doesn't count for 10 Pan! lol) and I saw these 2 gorgeous colors! The pink one is called "Exceptionally Gifted" and the blue one is "For Audrey" which I've heard is hard to find... so I snapped it up! Sally's is having a 2 for $10 deal right now on China Glaze, so not too shabby!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

FOTD: May 7, 2009

Just kinda random... and I'm super shiny!

Smashbox Photofinish Primer
Covergirl TruBlend Foundation
Physician's Formula Powder Finish Concealer Stick
Covergirl Loose Professional Power
Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil
Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Smashbox Blush/Soft lights Duo - Super/Model

MAC Scant
MAC Dark Devotion
MAC Satin Taupe
L'Oreal Telescopic liquid liner
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara (just tried it... hate it)

Revlon Colorstay liner - Clear
MAC Angel
Maybelline Lip Polish - Nude Flash

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NOTD: Konad Nail Stamping

So, I got my Konad Nail Stamping kit the other day. :) I've kinda toyed around with it a little. I did some Hawaiian flowers on my toes, and I JUST painted my nails white with zebra print tips today. I actually screwed up a couple of them while I was waiting for them to dry (lol as ALWAYS) so no full hand shots! But it actually works pretty well. If you use light pressure, it's really easy. Anyway, PICTURES! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Haul: MAC, Konad, Everyday Minerals

MAC lipsticks, $14
Without Flash

With Flash

Maybelline Lip Polish in Nude Flash (left) and Baby Mauve (right)
These aren't new but they are some of my favorite lip glosses! They're pretty much my "go-to" on any given day. I think they're about $5 at drugstores.

I also got this as a free sample from MAC. :) I'm not gonna open it up until I use some of my old ones up. :P

While I was already at the EveryDayMinerals website ordering my mom a mothers day present, I decided I might as well throw in some random stuff in the sample pack. :) I also got some extra of the base colors I have been liking, and got these two new ones!

Konad Plate M29 ^^^
Konad Plate M62

So, again! I ordered some more stuff! First off, the MAC lipsticks. I decided I'd try some out. Saint Germain is an Amplified color, and it's BRIGHT PINK. Not what I was expecting, but I guess I'll make it work. It's definitely like Barbie Doll pink, which I guess is okay because my name is Barbie! :) I love the other one I got though, in Angel, a Frost finish. It's pretty much like my natural lip color but better. :) I'm very pleased with it. MAC also threw in a free sample of their Zoom Lash mascara. Following Smashbox a little? Hmm...

I thought I would also throw in pictures of the lip glosses I seem to ALWAYS be reaching for, above anything else in my collection. Both Nude Flash and Baby Mauve are very good colors! Again, Baby Mauve is kind of close to my natural lip color, so I find it works well with a lot of looks. ANNNDDD Nude Flash is such a pretty shimmery nude color. It has some gold reflects in it. I wear one of these probably 3 times a week (and by week, I mean whenever I decide to wear makeup. lol I don't wear it everyday!).

Also, I ordered my mom the Everyday Minerals $34 6 piece custom set. I got it in the mail yesterday and I'm very pleased with it so far! I got her a finishing dust, some base, a brush, and a blush. I think she'll be happy! :) Which is good!

Lastly, I discovered Konad Nail Stamping! Last night I was up forever trying to decide which plates to buy! The ones pictured are the ones I finally decided on. I'm very excited! For more information on Konad, go to: <---- one of the best videos I've seen so far.

I also had trouble finding a good place to order these, but after some shopping around, I ordered from:

I think it's pretty highly recommended, plus, if you enter "xsparkage" or "nailphile" at the checkout, you'll get 20% off! I ended up saving about $8. I ordered 2 10ml polishes (white and black), 2 plates, 1 stamper/scraper, and a plate holder and it cost me about $28. :) ANNNDDD I placed my order at like, 3am last night, and this morning I had an email saying my stuff has been shipped! :D NICE!

Pictures of that soon!
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