Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haul: Sally's Beauty Supply & NOTD

So, I just had my tonsils out May 15th- it was quite a hellish ordeal... lol I'm still recovering, but that's why I haven't posted in forever!

Also, I'm currently on a "no-buy" for make up until I use up 10 products from my collection (lollipops 10 Pan deal). I've finished I think 3 items so far. But anyway, it's killing me! lol

I went to Sally's today to get a new blow dryer because my diffuser wasn't fitting on my other one (which I gave to my sister). So I bought this really cute transparent pink dryer. I think it was like $30. There's an attachment on it in this picture (air concentrator). Apparently it has ion technology which makes your hair dry faster, shinier, and causes less damage. We'll see!

I haven't been using my Konad nail stamper much because obviously I haven't been feeling up to it with my recent surgery, but I went and got my nails done a few days before my appointment. My boyfriend was coming into town and I knew I wouldn't be looking nice at all so I tried to "pretty-up" a little for him. :) I wanted a black stripe (I'm really into black and white these days) but my dad says it looks more like I have dirty fingernails. What do you think? lol

Also at Sally's, I couldn't resist looking at the nail polish (and it doesn't count for 10 Pan! lol) and I saw these 2 gorgeous colors! The pink one is called "Exceptionally Gifted" and the blue one is "For Audrey" which I've heard is hard to find... so I snapped it up! Sally's is having a 2 for $10 deal right now on China Glaze, so not too shabby!

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