Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration: Summer 2009 Eye Make Up Looks!

I used to do these all the time... I have folder upon folder on my computer of different eye make up looks. I need to start back up again, I think! :)

Anyway, so obviously the colors of the summer are bronze/gold, and blue and purple. Especially purple I think, which is kind of disappointing because I'm not really a fan. Either way! These are some looks I came up with!

PS - Forgive my sloppy looking eyebrows for today! Definitely need to wax them, but I'm being lazy! :P

Beauty from the Earth - Multipurpose minerals - Grape (lash line and waterline), Karma (middle layer), Crush (upper lid), 24k Gold (over crush).
NYX Single Shadow - Highlight (for the browbone, I think... lol).

MAC -shadow - Juiced (all over lid)
MAC - pigment - Jardin Aires (all over juiced)
Beauty from the Earth - Multipurpose minerals - Crushed (crease), Blueberry (waterline, upper lash -halfway), 24k Gold (to blend Crush)

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