Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organization: Makeup 2009


So, I love to see how other people store their makeup, so I thought I'd post a blog of how I do mine! If anyone actually reads this, let me know what you think! lol

Please also view my updated post here!

This is actually a DVD wall mount holder that I got from Target, but I decided it would be cute for makeup too! The top left has a vase of eye liners/lip pencils/shadesticks. I keep my eyebrow palettes next to that, then my q-tips and bobby pins, and then my collection of brushes! The second level holds my blushes (I guess thats what they would be), and my primers and foundations. The bottom level has a decorative candle holder, a bottle of perfume that's too big to put with my others, 2 Estee Lauder eyeshdow palettes and my deodorant and face lotion.

This plate is actually what I used to put my eyeshadows in until I got too many, so now I use it as a kabuki holder and I put my double ended Smashbox brush there because I don't wanna bend the bristles or anything in a vase.

This is my 5-drawer organizer that is to the right of my DVD holder thing...

The first drawer holds eyelashes and tweezers and such. I don't wear eyelashes very often, but I have a few in case I need them! :)

These are my solid eyeshadows, obviously... lol

These are my different powder/pigment shadows. I actually don't wear any of these often... lol

The fourth drawer holds my lip glosses.

The 5th drawer holds my lipsticks.

My collection outgrew this first cabinet... isn't that sad? lol But anyway, this is my three drawer organizer that sits to the right of my 5 drawer one.

The first drawer holds my EDM samples and stuff, my other powders and my Rimmel bronzer that I loooove.

The 2nd drawer holds my mascaras, eyelash curler and hair ties, as you can see. I kept losing my hair ties, so I put them there. It's working out. :P

The last drawer here is my "junk" drawer. It has sun screen, scissors, strap perfects, back up kabuki, an eyeliner spare, tape, my eye pencil sharpeners... etc.

Anyway! That's my stuff! If you see anything you wanna know about or whatever, let me know and I'll be happy to help! When I see other people's collection/storage method, it makes me want to reorganize mine. :P

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