Thursday, October 21, 2010

Organization: Makeup 2010

 Here's a little look at the place where I do my make up and how I've sort of got it organized!

I have a semi-small bedroom, so I had to try to organize this in the most efficient way.  The bookshelf next to the desk has other make up items in it.  

Underneath my desk, I had two stackable baskets that hold random body sprays and lotions.  The one on the bottom has a bunch of brushes in it that I don't reach for often.

This last picture above is showing you that the bench I have does fit under the desk in case I need extra room. 

These are obviously my brushes.  I think I got the glass holders from Walmart. I think they were $6 for the big one, $4 for the medium, and $1 for the little one (which just has a red matching candle in it).  The ribbon was from Michaels for $1.  Most of the brushes are Sigma.

I had a little mirror on my desk so I can do detailed stuff.  I use it more often than I use the big mirror.  Oh, and that is my laptop on the desk.  I slide it to the side when I'm doing makeup, and put it in the middle when I'm on it (like right now! lol).

 This is a semi-convenient place to keep my airbrush system.  I don't use it often, but it's nice to have a place to keep it plugged in just in case! 

Just fyi, next to my brushes  are my fixing/setting sprays, makeup remover, perfumes, bobby pins and Q-Tips.  In the middle, I have a bamboo can stacker that I put my foundations and powders on.  I got the can stacker at Walmart for around $5 - $10.  Next to that I have my deodorant, face lotion and vaseline!  :)

 Because my desk is meant for a computer, there is a keyboard drawer.  At first, I was really unhappy to have the front of the drawer falling down, but now I've come to really like that.  When I sit at my bench, it's easy to fold the drawer down and pull out on of those plastic organizers or a palette.

 The plastic organizers are from Walmart too, and I got them 3 for $2 I think.  I keep my eye liners and lip liners and lip primers in the first one.  I put blush compacts, bronzers, loose eye shadows in the second one.  And eye primers and mascaras, and eye lash curler in the third.  I always keep scissors in that one too.  You never know!  :P  Oh, and in the Kohl's box, I have different eye pencil sharpeners.

Next to the drawer organizers, I have baby wipes, which have been moved so you can see the large(r) palettes I put next to them!

I got this bench from  I think it was $250.  It's got a suede top on it, and I really like it! 

 Inside the bench I keep my hair stuff.  It holds A LOT!  More than you would think!  In here, I have 8 tools (flat irons, curling irons), hot rollers, a blow dryer and diffuser, a large traveling make up bag, velcro rollers, and some brushes.  It's kind of just thrown in there, but no doubt I could fit more in if I organized it better.  But, I don't need to put anything else in!  :)

In the bookshelf next to my desk, I have all sorts of things.  From my textbooks from college, decorative items, photo albums, regular books, and make up and nail polish!  Like I said, my room is pretty small, so I have to cram stuff every where!  Lol!

This is my make up shelf.  I have my two plastic drawers.  The first one holds the most important stuff the second one with three drawers holds other kinds of random tools, powders, hair ties, and stuff I use to press my eye shadows. 

Here are the three most important drawers in my 5 drawer organizers.  First drawer is eye lashes, second one is loose eye shadows (not part of palettes), third drawer (opened) has my pigments, fourth drawer has lip glosses, and the last drawer has lipsticks.  Both of the last two are getting way too full, so I'm going to have to figure out something else soon.

Anyway!  That's how I organize my make up and where I apply my make up!  I hope this inspired you.  I LOVE to see how other people organize theirs!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I am seriously loving this set up, I have an old post of my vanity set up on my you tube channel i need to totally update it since I have changed everything (which I do a lot, lol!) But you totally inspired me to maybe post it on my blog instead, it be much easier thanks for a great post! : ) (Do you have a you tube channel where you do tutorials?)

Barbie said...

I've actually already changed mine a little. I moved my lipsticks into a 3 drawer organizer, and now they're on my desk! Haha! Always changing!

I'd love to see your set up!

And no, I don't have a youtube for tutorials. I think I'd feel goofy talking in my room alone. lol

Anonymous said...

lol!!! I feel that way too :) But if you do check out YT videos, and were interested my channel is (evitaw2) there is a link on my blog.

I will probably post my vanity pics soon, after I straighten it up LOL!!! Thanks for the return comment have a great Day!

Lacey said...

What a great set up :) Following your blog :)

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Now this is a collection and a half! I love the way you have arranged your brushes, looks so good and practical!

Anonymous said...

omg im totally loving your makeup setup and how you organize everything! my fave is your bench and all the goodies inside. by any chance do you have a youtube acct? thx!

Sahrish Adeel said...

Very nicely organized..
Saw your blog via check out mine

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