Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tag: In's and Out's!

^^ This is just a random look I did a while back^^^
I love to read these, and while I'm not making any posts about the new stuff I got while I "break it in," I figured I might as well!

- Bronzers
- Bright lip glosses
- Light face makeup
- Extra conditioning shampoos/conditioners!
- Beachy hair! :)
- Bright nail polish! I'm wearing Naked by China Glaze (hot pink).
- White shirts! I'm always wanting to wear white these days!
- Fun earrings!
- Running in the morning!
- Dresses
- My amazing boyfriend :)

- Hot/humid weather!
- Black... I hate wearing black lately. :P
- Being so pale!
- Heavy liquid foundation
- Breakouts
- Summer school!
- Sleeping the day away
- Big hot meals... I hate eating hot food in the summer. lol
- My hair being so flat! BLAHH!

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