Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tag: 50 Favorite Things: 21 - 30

Here's a continued look at some more of my favorite things! :)

21) MAC l/s in Angel
It's described on as a soft pink with a frost finish.  Love it!

22) Sushi
I absolutely love sushi and probably eat it at least twice a month.  I looove raw tuna and raw scallops!  I even took this picture when I went out not long ago!  I ate THIS roll!  lol

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 23) Reba
I have all 6 seasons of this TV series!  I've seen them all a million times!

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24) Carrots
I love veggies!  Instead of snacking on chips or ice cream when I watch TV, I usually snack on carrots.  :P

  25) Big Lashes
I don't wear lashes daily, but I have pretty naturally large eyelashes.  I especially love these Ardell Runway Lashes in Gisele!  They're big, but fairly wearable!

 26) Going on dates :)
My boyfriend and I have birthdays within 2 weeks of each other in July.  Instead of gifts, we went on a really nice date - to Simply Fondue.  Such a fun time!

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27) Reality TV
 Some shows I watch: Project Runway, American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Kendra, Keeping Up with the Kardashians... etc.

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 28) Boots
 I love ALL kinds of winter boots.  Particularly these Viking Boots, which I don't own yet.  I have a ton of high heel boots and even though I'm fairly tall (5'8") I don't mind wearing the heels in the winter!  

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 29) Pink nail polish
It doesn't matter what shade it is.  Chances are, if it's pink, I want it!  :P

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30) 60's Makeup
I absolutely love Priscilla's make up here!

Please let me know if you're doing the same favorite things posts!

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Rinz said...

i gotta try those Angel lipstick!!! looks so pretty on you :)

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