Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swatches: Tarte - The Jewelry Box

This is the Tarte Jewelry Box for this year.  :)  I've mentioned it in several of my previous posts!  You can find specific details about this product with the link here.  It retails for $52, however I got mine with a $15 giftcard and a 10% off coupon.  I think it was around $35 after that!  :)

Basically, it's 32 eyeshadows, 16 shimmery/16 matte.  Eight lip glosses, a bronzing powder, a highlighting powder, and 5 mini eye liner pencils (Oh!  And also a festive gold colored necklace that is detachable and wearable!).

I'd also like to inform you that none of the products had names included.  That makes it a little more difficult and inconvenient, but I'll do my best!

On to the swatches!

The 16 shimmery colors are shown here.

Click on the picture to see bigger swatches!

Here are the matte shades:
Click on the picture to see bigger swatches!

The third level (lip glosses/bronzer/highlighter):

The third level (eye liners):
(NOT swatched in order)
You get a regular black, shimmery black, bronze, green and purple.  :)

Here are some other eye shadow swatches comparing different shades/textures of the same colors.  :)

That was a ton of work!  Hope you enjoyed!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

i wanted this so bad but i know i won't be getting one :p my country don't sell anythign by tarte! and if i buy it online i will get ripped off big time :(
love the swatches

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