Sunday, December 19, 2010

Swatches: LORAC Multiplex 3D lip gloss - 3D

 **Please note that I have a sample size version.  This isn't the full size!**

This is the LORAC Multiplex 3D lip gloss in the shade 3D.  Kind of confusing, but very wonderful!  I'd be interested in seeing the other lip glosses from this collection!

More information on this product can be found here.

These pictures don't do anything for this.  It's SUPER sparklie and shiny and pretty and wonderful!  :P

If you get a chance to see this in person, look for it!  It's worth it!  A very unique lip gloss to have in your collection!  Also, surprisingly not sticky or gritty (considering the sparkles!).  It has a very pleasant fruity kind of smell too!


Sara.H said...

WOW. such a cute glittery lip gloss :) thanks for sharing ^ ^

socialitedreams said...

I REALLY want to try this lipgloss! we were giving samples at work; i should have taken one for myself


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