Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sephora - VIB Beauty Insider


This is the first time I've become a VIB Beauty Insider! I'm going to let you know some things about being a VIB that would have helped me earlier!

To become a VIB, you must be a Sephora Beauty Insider.  Getting a Sephora Beauty Insider membership is free.  Basically, it lets you get access to certain kits and promos that not every average Joe can get and let's you get a present on your birthday (which is actually not too shabby!) if you make a purchase within 2 weeks before or after your birthday.  Another perk is being able to save up Beauty Points, which you can spend on deluxe samples.  Every 100 points can buy you a sample, and 500 points gets you something extra special ( says: When you accumulate 500 points in your Beauty Bank, you can choose a free, limited-edition full-sized product-handpicked for Beauty Insiders only.")

To become a VIB Beauty Insider, you must spend $350 at Sephora sometime between January-December.  Purchases made with gift cards DO NOT qualify.  That was a huge issue for me!  My boyfriend bought me a $100 gift card for my birthday and after I had spent what I thought was $350, I realized I needed to spend $100 more!  Yikes!  ...So I did... lol

I also do believe that purchases made at JC Penny Sephora stores do not count towards the $350 total, as well as gift cards that you purchase for other people at Sephora.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, once you become a VIB Beauty Insider, your membership is good for a year and you'd have to spend another $350 at Sephora to re-qualify for the next year.

Like the picture I posted says, once you're in the club, you get a promo code for 10% off your ENTIRE next purchase.  Plus, you get a gift card from Sephora, which is a $15 off a purchase (with a minimum purchase of $40).  As far as the "other freebies" listed, I don't know yet.  But I will let yall know what I get when it happens!  :)

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them or look into it for you!

Hope this helps you out!

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