Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Swatches: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tars

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I got a gift card to Sephora, so I have a box coming in the mail!  Christmas isn't over!  :)  Of course, I'll be sure to show yall!  I've also ordered something for the giveaway I'm going to have! 

I'd love to know what beauty-related products you got for Christmas!  :)


Anyway, I bought these OCC Lip Tars a while back, but I don't think I ever posted about them.  In case you're not familiar, lip tars are VERY dense lip gloss type things.  They are super opaque.  They come in a bunch of colors, including green, yellow, blue, black and white.  The idea is that you can mix them to create what ever color of lip gloss color you like.  Pretty neat!

I ordered these before they had expanded their color collection, but these colors I've swatched are still available as well as a bunch of others.  They are $12.50 USD for each tube.  You get .27 fl oz (8ml) a tube, which is a lot!  I wish they'd cut the price and the tube in half.  Lol!  It's more than I'll probably ever use.

Also!  SHIPPING is $7.50!  Even if you're only buying one tube!  That's pretty steep if you ask me, and probably another reason I haven't ordered more.

First of all, once they dry, THEY'RE ON!  You don't hardly need any product to cover your lips, so be very careful!  Also, I'd recommend a lip brush to smooth the edges of the gloss.  It's just too dense and too hard to clean up if you make a mistake.

 Above: Hush

 Above: Memento


What do you think?


liquoredonlacquer said...

I love both of those colors!! :-D But yes they are pricey thats probably why I haven't bought any yet

FaShIoN BuDdIeS said...

yay! 101st follower! Anyway, those look GORGI! I love them! Congrats on your Sephora box! I love love love Sephora. Anyway, hush looks like a color that would be gorgeous on all skin tones.


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Barbie said...

Thanks ladies!

LiisK said...

This lip tar is something very-very nice indeed, I saw it at Jangsara's blog and that started my craving.. I have trouble with ordinary lipsticks and glosses - they do not stay on.

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