Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Trind - Moist and Shiny

This is a little old.  I did this review a few weeks ago for  Better late than never!

Pros: Shiny, kept nails moisturized, stronger nails, good buffer
Cons: dried cuticles
I received this item for free as part of a review.
The 14 Day Challenge:
When sent the product, I was asked to use this system everyday for 14 days.  On day 1, I buffed my nails (the only time I was asked to do it).  Then I applied the Nail Balsam, let it soak in for 2 minutes and massaged the rest into my cuticles.  Over that, I applied the Nail Repair.  Each day, I used non-acetone nail polish to remove the product and do it again everyday thereafter.  I was asked to remove it everyday and start fresh.
**I used an additional cuticle oil in conjunction with this system. 
The Buffer:
The buffer works very well.  :)  It helped to smooth my nails out nicely and get them ready for the application.  However, I feel like the exact same thing could be purchased at WalMart or Sally's and you'd be able to accomplish the same thing, but with a cheaper product. 
Nail Balsam:
I actually REALLY like this product.  It smells pretty much like hand lotion in a nail polish bottle.  I can't really speak to how well it nourished my cuticles because I do believe the constant use of nail polish remover dried them out immensely.  However, I will be continuing to use the Nail Balsam when I do my nails and see if I notice a difference.  My cuticles are ALWAYS dry, but during these last two weeks, they've been so dry they were bleeding.  Again, I can't say it was the actual products fault for sure.  But for now, I will lay the blame on the nail polish remover. 
The balsam did help to nourish my actual nails though.  When they have no polish, they seem to be more shiny and healthy than they used to be.  :)
Nail Repair:
The Nail Repair is basically a very quick drying (maybe 30 seconds?) top coat.  I do believe the purpose of this product is to seal in the Nail Balsam and protect the nail from tears and breaks.  I feel it did help to strengthen my nails, even though I did have 2 breaks.  My nails feel a lot sturdier.

I will continue using this system, but I'll just do it once a week when I regularly paint my nails.  I really do feel like the constant use of nail polish remover ruined my cuticles.  Since I feel like my nails are stronger, I hope I'll be able to grow them out nicely! 

For the sake of less pictures, I'll just show this hand!  My typical swatching hand.  :)


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