Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY: Organizing Makeup Blog Post Material

 Here's a post written TODAY!  June 24, 2011!

I know this seems like a silly post, but I'd be intersted in seeing how yall organize online blog content!  In my real life, I'm obsessed with organization.  Everything at my house is neatly put away and categorized, etc....

All of my blog content was a disaster when I first started blogging, so I totally revamped a few months ago and I've kept up with it!  There are a few things I'd still like to work on but this is working out so far!

***This will also clear up all the questions about my FOTD post dates!  Lol!***

Anyway, I'll just explain as I go!

I have a folder on my computer called "Makeup."  This is where I store all pictures.  I have them separated by the various titles.

Here's a quick list of my "Collection and Haul" folder.  This is where I keep all my swatch posts and such.  Yall can view these posts by looking on the left hand side of the screen and clicking "Collection," "Haul," "Review," or "Swatches."

This is my "In Progress Blog Post" folder.  These are pictures that have been resized and tagged with my URL that still need to have the actual POST written out.  I keep them filed away here so when I have a minute to blog, I already know what needs to be done!  :)

As yall can see, I have a few FOTD's that need to have posts written!  When I do my makeup, I write down the date and the makeup I used on a notecard - then I take pictures.  I carry on with my day (or week! lol) and then I'll do another look with a notecard/pictures.  After a while, and I get a minute, I go and resize/tag all my pictures.  So the makeup is done on the day on the folder, and I put that name on my blog title because it just makes it easier to refer to this filing system I have.  Besides, I could just tell yall I did the makeup that day anyway, and yall would be none the wiser! :-P

Another reason they get posted SOOOO far away from the date the makeup was done is because I write several blog posts at a time (saved as drafts) and I try to vary the NOTD and FOTD posts.  More on that later!

This is where I file away all my makeup looks.

Here's my folder full of "Inspiration" posts - yall can see all the looks under my "Inspiration" label on the left hand side.  :)

This is just so yall can see in my "Nails" folder too! 

This is how I go about my blogging.  I write several posts and save them up!  For instance, my oldest written post is May 6, 2011.  A month ago!  Lol!  I save them up so if I get busy, I still have some stuff to post up for yall --- or if I just don't accumulate any new content (no FOTDs, NOTDs, hauls, etc), I'll have some back up stuff for yall!  Additionally, I don't want to flood yall with new content whenever I get in a blogging mood!  Did you want me to post 14 posts in one day?  I didn't think so! :-P

So there's just a sneak peak behind the scenes of Drop Dead, Gorgeous!  :-P


Leticia said...

You break yours down more than I do. I might consider some categories.

I have a blog folder, and in it are three folders: To Be Edited (which are all my unresized and unwatermarked pics), To Be Uploaded (pics that are all ready to be entered into posts), and Uploaded (after I upload them I move them to this folder so I can keep track of what has already been posted). I also keep a back up of my blog (I use the export function).

I have been bad about it lately, but I used to get posts scheduled for days I knew I would be too busy to write a post. I need to get back into creating daily content.

Lacey said...

This is an amazing way to keep organized. I have learned a lot :)

Jo Woods said...

Wow, you are organised, I really need to organise mine, I hav it all saved in different folders. Thanks for sharing. Its a great idea to have blog posts saved too, I find it hard to find time to blog sometimes xxx

Y said...

I've just started out so my material is mostly organized in brands and another folder for recipes and such. Great ideas though, as well as the one from Leticia in the comments for the "uploaded" etc.

Miki said...

I know kayjay gave you an award for sunshine I gave you an award for best blog!!!


Barbie said...

Thanks for the comments! :)

And thanks for the awards! You all are awesome!

sasha said...

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Unknown said...

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