Friday, June 24, 2011

Haul: OPI and striping polishes!

I'm not huge about posting hauls on my blog (even though I like see other hauls! lol).  Since I've joined twitter, I've mainly just been taking pictures of what I buy as I buy it!  So if you follow me there, you've already seen these!

I wanted to share with the rest of you what I've purchased though!  For some reason lately, I've gotten a little passive on the makeup obsession (temporary, I'm sure! lol!) and moved over to nails!  I guess this is probably because wearing a lot of makeup for my job during the day is kind of a waste.  But the nails don't really matter as much in that aspect.


I'm not sure why blogger turned these pics sideways.  I took them on my phone and they're the right way on my computer too!  Oh well... maybe turn your head?  lmao!

Left to Right (or top to OPI -- I Juggle...Men, Silver Shatter, Flurry Up, Only Gold For Me, The One That Got Away, Last Friday Night

These striping polishes don't have names.  They're by So Easy Stripe Rite.  I got a gold, silver and white at Sally Beauty Supply.  I think they were about $4 each.

I've spent WAYYYY too much money lately.  I've also got some rhinestones and acrylic molds on the way for some super fun nail designs!  :)

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Y said...

Well, from what I can see sideways :p the two sparkly ones in the middle look great!

Barbie said...

I just picked those up today! I'm so excited to use them! :)

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