Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY: Acrylic Nails At Home - Silver and Pink Glitter

Please view the post HERE for the general "how-to" to achieve this look!

For this mani, instead of painting clear all over the white tips, I used my silver acrylic glitter powder (haul post here) first and applied it over the white.  I let the silver harden a little, which made it easier to apply the pink.  It's all done free hand.  You can get a tool that will help keep the smile lines even, but I don't have it.

Before you attempt this, you might want to consider how you're going to do this on your other hand.  It's not easy and it took me forever!  lol

Also, it's important to constantly wipe your brush.  The glitter gets everywhere if you don't!  You might notice that I have some glitter flecks where it doesn't belong!

After applying the glitter, I used my clear powder and went all over the entire nail and buffed as my other post explains.  :)

Hope you enjoyed!


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

wow, that's beautiful!! i love them.

Sara said...

This looks amazing :) Love it!x

Lindsay said...

Have you tried doing the pink and white fills yet? I bought a kit but I haven't used it because I want to do the white acrylic fill at the tip but it makes me nervous to try!

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