Saturday, February 20, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Collection and Estee Lauder polish

My China Glaze collection is growing!

Exceptionally Gifted on my nails right now!

Left to right: Ruby Pumps (sparkly red), In Awe of Amber (kind of metallic bronze, reminds me of Amber Lights e/s from MAC) and Chiaroscuro (dirty pink with green reflect)

Left to right: Wild Mink (pinky coral), Naked (hot pink) and Exceptionally Gifted (pearly baby pink)

 Left to Right: Shower Together (electric blue), Turned Up Turquoise -Neon (bright green), For Audrey (Tiffany & Co. jewelry box blue - pastel blue) and Liquid Leather (black).

All descriptions are based on what it looks like in the bottle - NOT on your finger.  Some polishes change a little after they dry.  I think Turned Up Turquoise is a matte color.  There's no shine on your nails after applying it. 

I get my China Glaze polishes at Sally's Beauty Supply, and they usually have a buy 2, get 1 deal.  Something like that.  Just today I bought Chiaroscuro, Wild Mink and In Awe of Amber.  I thought they're be some nice summery colors!  :)

Also, because these are TOO cute not to include in a nail polish post:  MINI Estee Lauder polishes!
 Left to Right: Frozen Fantasy, Rose Candy, Rosa Rosa, Black Wine.

The bottles are square so they're easy to store away.  I think they're just adorable!  

Anyway, I have a bunch of other nail polishes too, but they're just all random brands.  Just odds and ends I've accumulated over the years.  Nothing too exciting there.  

Hope you enjoyed looking at my nail polish!  I love looking at other nail polish posts too!

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