Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haul: Philosophy

Photo courtesy of Sephora.com

I've heard so many good things about Philosophy's skincare products.  I finally gave in and bought a little sample kit, and actually, this kit will probably last me for a few months!
What it costs: $42
What you get:

- 4.0 oz Purity Made Simple
- 1.0 oz Hope In A Jar
- 0.25 oz Eye Hope

I've only been using these products twice a day for about a week, but my skin has already improved so much!  I don't wanna mince words, so basically I had horrible skin ever since 7th grade (my dermatologist told me to get on Accutane, but I declined.  No thank you!).  Even though it is MUCH improved these days, I still have scars from past breakouts and I still get blackheads. 

Recently, I've been getting blackheads right around my lips, probably from lip gloss and lipstick, and they're gone now!  And that's only after a couple days, ladies!  :P  The blackheads on my nose are going away, my skin is softer and smoother.  I'm just in love!

HOWEVER, this is just my first reaction to these products.  I'm not sure a week is enough to be completely sold on a product but I'm loving it so far!  I'm definitely excited that these are working for me now.  :)

Photo courtesy of Sephora.com

I also got this body wash!  It cost $16.  I love the smell, however, the smell is VERY faint and I LOVE coconut smells.  I'm not sure I'm loving this, even though I did hear a million good things about it.  Still trying it out.  I feel like it makes me smell like... metal or something when I get out of the shower.  
Either way!  There's my news!  :D

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