Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY: Waxing/Filling Eyebrows

Let's start with a before and after.  I don't want a crazy messy eyebrow to be the first thing someone sees when they come to my blog!  lol

Due to all the pictures in this post, please click the link below to read more!

***Disclaimer: Wax your own eyebrows at your own risk.  Getting the wax too hot can result in horrible burns above your eyes.  Always be cautious when applying the wax to your face.  It can burn and blister you if it's too hot.  Just be super careful!  This is just the way I do it for myself and other people.  I am not responsible if you have some sort of mishap while attempting this.  I just need to cover my bases!  :)

What I Use:

I use a variety of different waxes, but this Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax does a really great job.  This particular wax kit is great for learning to wax your own eyebrows - I learned with it!  Some of the stuff included is not very practical though - like the eyebrow guides.  You'd have to have the exact right face shape for that... I don't know.  I'm not a fan.

Nowadays, the only product I use from the kit is the wax.  The kit has tweezers, but I prefer my own.  I have no idea what brand my tweezers are.  They are slanted though.  It does make a difference!  This waxing kit does not require muslin strips.  The wax hardens on it's own and you can pull it off. **Also forgot to mention that I use a spoolie (clean mascara wand) and small scissors. 

Here's my natural eyebrow.  Freshly washed and dried.  No makeup.  No anything.  This is about two weeks of growth.  My eyebrows used to be much more out of control, but I've been waxing them for years so they don't grow that way anymore.  Keep that in mind when you are waxing - go with the NATURAL way your eyebrow grows and just remove the stragglers.

This is a flattering picture... lol.  You have to comb your eyebrows up to get the longer hairs out of the way or you'll take off way more than you want to!  I use my little spoolie for this.

The wax heats up in the microwave.  Make sure you WATCH IT.  It will bubble over if it gets too hot!  And depending on the wax you're using, the container will melt (been there, done that).  Anyway, as you can see, you don't have to be super neat about applying the wax.  You just want to make sure there's a decent coat over the area.

Apply the wax in the direction the hair grows.  Pull off the wax in the opposite direction the hair grows.  Only let the wax sit for about 30 seconds or so.  Don't let it completely firm up, or you'll probably rip some skin off with it.  You want it to be a little bit solid, but still slightly mushy.  You'll get the hang of it the more you do it.

This picture is basically just to show you that if you've applied it evenly, it will come off in one big chunk.  Again, no need for muslin strips. 

There's what my eyebrow looked like immediately after pulling off the wax.

I also wax the tops of my eyebrows (comb the brow hairs in the downward direction first).  I know there's people every where that say not to touch the top of your eyebrow, but I do!  :)  Basically, you just don't want to change the shape of your brow.  Only remove the out of place hairs.

My next step is to comb the brows up again and trim the super long hairs with my scissors.  I try to only focus this on the inner, larger part of the brow.  If you get too crazy and trim the long hairs all the way down, your eyebrows will be very sparse looking toward the tail. 

A trimmed and waxed brow!  :)

Most of the time I fill my eyebrows in with this Smashbox brow brush.  This brush is NOT great for super precise filling, but on just a normal day it's great!  I can't remember what it's called.  I think it's a #12.

This is my freshly waxed and trimmed brow filled in with Bobbi Brown e/s in Mahogany.  I like to use this color because it's kind of an ashy brown (not so much in this particular pic, but trust me!) and my hair color is sort of ashy.  On more precise days, I'll use a thinner wet brush (like Sigma E65 or Sonia Kashuk flat eyeliner brush - wet with MAC Fix+) and really make a sharp line.  But for everyday, I feel like this is a nicer, natural look.

Typical shadows I use to fill my brows when I'm:

MAC - Dark Devotion
Bobbi Brown - Mahogany
Estee Lauder - Brow Perfecting Duo in Brunette
Smashbox - Brow Tech in Taupe
Smashbox - Brow Tech in Brunette

MAC - Soft Brown
Smashbox - Brow Tech in Taupe
Smashbox - Brow Tech in Blonde
L'Oreal - Eyeshadow Duo in Sand Dune (for very pale blonde)

You can basically use any matte color that would match your hair.  You don't want to use a shimmer shadow and have sparkling eyebrows!  Haha!  Or do you?  :-P

I keep my "blonde brows" a little more on the darker side because I have super dark eyes and it fits my face better.  These are just suggestions for y'all!  :)

Hope this helped!


Oreleona said...

nice tutorial!!

xxhayleeey said...

really helpful, thanks!

Harrriiiet said...

Great Post,
you have really nice brows ^^

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I've been thinking about waxing my brows for a while but wasn't exactly sure what to do... this might get me off my butt and to the drugstore!!

vainails said...

ouch, it hurts! LOL. but i wanna try it. nice one :)

Julia said...

Hi girl! I only just noticed that you commented on the one post in my blog (19 days ago;DOH!) and I'm back to using my normal blog at

Love your background!

Steph S said...

I've always been kind of nervous to even attempt waxing my brows because its such a delicate area, but this post was really hepful =) I think I'll try this!

Justine Cricks said...

Even as a guy, it is helpful to maintain your manly good looks by removing unwanted hair on your face (and other areas of the body). But before jumping into DIY waxing, you should test if it is safe for you by testing its temperature or reaction to the area of skin that you plan to wax.

-Justine Cricks

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