Sunday, February 6, 2011

Swatches: Beauty From The Earth

Left to Right:
Lemon, Tangerine
Raspberry, Crush
Karma, Grape
Purple Iris, 24Kt Gold
Blueberry, Peacock
Green Apple, Envy

I figured I'd review and swatch these for y'all because I've been using them so much lately.

These are Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) multi-purpose minerals.  Well, actually I just checked the website and they're called multi-use minerals now.  But I bought these long ago!  And they were multi-purpose back then!  Haha!  The business has grown quite a lot it seems since I purchased!

Since the site has changed so much, please correct me if any of my information is outdated!
  • It seems like some of the colors I have may have been renamed or are no longer carried by the brand.

These minerals come in 5 gram sifter jars with 1 gram of product in them, which is actually more than you would think.  I've owned these for probably 2 years now and I haven't run out yet... not even close!

The jars retail for $6.50 for the full size jar and $2 for the sample size.

Top: Taken without flash.

Bottom: Taken with flash.

The quality of these minerals is fantastic.  They are super pigmented, they don't get muddy when they're blended and they have good staying power.

My favorites (of the colors I have) are Blueberry, Raspberry, 24kt Gold (which I don't think is available anymore?) and Lemon.

My overall rating:  5/5

Let me know which colors you have or if you plan to purchase from this company!


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

I love the swatches! It's like your arm is a rainbow. :)

sugar sugar said...

great swatches! :D thanks for this review.

Rakhshanda said...

Wowwww love all the shades!!! Thanks for the swatches:)

lady_flower123 said...

Love this swatches :)
I like all the colors ;)

LiisK said...

Deem, i'm either paranoid or Lemon, Tangerine, Raspberry, Grape, Blueberry and Green Apple really are TKB Pop! Collection colors.

Miss LV said...

Loving the greens and blues x

Nicole - Top To Toe said...

Lovely bright colours xx

Anonymous said...

These are great swatches! Such pigmented colors :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

These colours are amazing! I have been wanting to get some really bright colours for summer. I will definitely be checking this site out. Thanks for the swatches.
If you haven't already have a chance to check it out, I have a makeup competition going on right now with 3 great prizes to be won:

Makeup Harlot said...

Wow, these colors are gorgeous!!

Honeybumblebee said...

Lovely swatches! I checked the site and yes they still make it but it's called 24K Gold (not t in there so if you search just remember that). On my next order I'm getting that one :)

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