Thursday, February 3, 2011

All About MakeUpTalk

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to go into more detail about a website I frequently mention on my blog, MakeUpTalk

I first started my interest in makeup a few years ago through watching YouTube videos.  I googled a video on how to do a smokey eye and realized there were a million other people out there making makeup related videos!  It was super exciting because I've always liked makeup, but never really did anything about it.

One of the gurus I found right away, Emily from BeautyBroadcast, mentioned that she went on a makeup related forum - MakeUpTalk.  I went to the site and saw that there were so many people on there giving advice and trying to help other people learn.

There's so many different aspects of the website that are worth checking out. 
My personal favorites include:
  • FOTD - A thread dedicated to pictures of everyone's makeup from the day. 
    -  I know it can sometimes be scary to put your face out there and see what other people are going to say, but NEVER have I seen any of the ladies on the site criticize anyone for their makeup.  Of course, you can ask for constructive criticism, to which the ladies always reply very tactfully and respectfully.  It's like everyone wants you to do your best and they really encourage that.

  • NOTD - A thread dedicated to pictures of different kinds nail polish looks. 
    -  This basically has the same idea as the FOTD thread, but this is just with nails!  It's amazing to see the creativity these ladies have on this site!  Many of them do different kinds of nail art and it can be very inspiring to see what other people are doing.

  • Dare To Be Challenges - A thread dedicated to makeup contests that all a particular theme.
    -  If you've been reading my blog regularly, you've probably seen my entries posted on here.  The whole idea behind this thread is that there's a theme, currently Dior Runway Couture, there are inspirational pictures posted so you know what you're supposed to do, all the girls post their entry pictures with the first posted one to be selected for voting.  Another thread is opened with all the entry pictures and a poll for everyone to vote.  The winner gets to choose the next theme.  There is no skill level required.  You are very free to put your own spin on the looks and everything too!  For me personally, whether I win or not, it gives me a way to challenge myself and do a makeup look that I might otherwise not try.
Photos from a DTB Challenge

  • Fashion Face Off Challenges - A thread dedicated to outfits created around a particular item.
    -  Again, if you regularly read my blog, you've probably seen my outfits posted here!  I'm not hugely into fashion, but these are super fun to participate in!  Basically, there's one item you HAVE to use in your outfit - it could be a dress, a shoe, a pair of earrings, whatever!  Anyway, you build an outfit that would be well put together with that item.  The outfits are very easily put together using Polyvore.  After the entries are submitted, a poll goes up and everyone votes.  The winner chooses the item for the next challenge.

Women have a bad reputation of being catty and mean to each other, but that's totally not the case here! 

I highly recommend that you all check this website out!  It's a really nice community to be a part of and there's lots that you can learn and share with other people!

Currently, MakeUpTalk is having a contest that will be running until February 12, 2011.

The prize is an Ultimate Eyes gift box from one of my favorite brands, Beauty From The Earth.  

Please click the link to see all the ways to enter, and good luck!

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Becki said...

I post there too, I love MUT. Check it out for sure.

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