Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haul: Sally Beauty Supply (Hair Products/China Glaze)

ConairPro - Tourmaline Finger Diffuser ($7.49)

This says it's a universal fit, but it doesn't fit my Conair hair dryer... hmm. It does fit my mom's Revlon one though... lol Sweet! I'll post a picture after I use it! I'm really excited to use it because I have naturally wavy hair, but it fro's out when it dries naturally. lol

Beyond The Zone - Turn Up The Heat Flat Iron Protection ($6.49)

So I figured I probably need a good heat protectant, and Emily (beautybroadcast on youtube) recommends this one. PLUS, this smells AMAZING! Kind of like fruit... strawberry or cherry or something. So if you're not into that, you might not like this. I'm gonna use it today after I get out of the shower and see how it goes! I'm always worried that these types of products are going to make my hair look oily. lol We shall see!

China Glaze Nail Polish - ($3.25)
(right to left) 094 Naked, 650 Shower Together, 1007 Turn Up The Turquoise (neon)

Pictured Above: 1007 Turn Up The Turquoise (neon)

So I went to Sally's Yesterday (and became a Beauty Club Member! lol) and got a few things!

I originally went to get one nail polish, and I ended up with 3... lol You know how it goes! Anyway, I looked on the website before I left and I saw that Beauty Club Members get China Glaze nail polish for $3.25 instead of $5.99. :) Plus they're having a deal that China Glaze nail polish is Buy 2, Get 1 FREE! So especially if you're a club member, that's a great deal!
**One thing I'll mention is that the Turquoise one is not a shiny color. The top coat makes it shiny. lol It's kinda weird.

I also got a Beauty Club Card. It costs $5, but you get a $5 coupon to use the next month when you check out. And you, of course, can get great deals on all these products. Last night I saved $7.78 which pretty much pays for the card, and then I have that coupon to use next month. Another nail polish? :P


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