Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DIY: Color Theory/ Colored Concealers

It has come to my attention that many people do not understand all the varieties of concealers out. Orange?! Green?! Well, I'd like to clarify!

If you've taken an art class, you're probably vaguely familiar with color theory. I won't explain the whole concept, just what you need to know in terms of concealer!

Colors across from each other on the color wheel make brown. Purple and yellow, blue and orange, and red and green. All make brown (someone told me they all make gray... lol). Anyway, moving on.

What color are blemishes? Red. Exactly. What do I do if I don't want the blemish to stand out? Try and neutralize the color (not cake on make up). Because most skin is a brown/beige shade, you put green over top of the blemish (make sure it's over just the blemish, not just everywhere or you'll be an alien! haha) to lessen the red of it and try and make it a brownish shade. After applying a green concealer, you can either add a skin tone concealer over top or your foundation. Just depends on your preference/the order you do things. So there! The purposes of a green concealer!

Now, on to orange! Many people have blue/purple circles under their eyes. Of course, we don't want anyone to see those! So, back to color theory, yellow and purple, blue and orange... A lot of companies sell "salmon" colored concealer for this purpose. It's kind of a light orange color which works really great for neutralizing these blue/purple circles. After that is all said and done, you'll want to apply foundation or whatever (you probably just don't want to walk around with green dots and orange under your eyes).

Oh, and while I was looking for pictures to accompany this post, I noticed I forgot to talk about purple concealer, which is obviously for yellow skin tones/yellow splotches, etc...

The Three Examples Above Are:
Smashbox Photo Finish - Color Correcting
SephoraBrand Concealer Palette
Make Up Forever Camouflage Cream Palette No. 1

All are available at

**Note: There are also lots of drugstore brands that have colored concealers too!

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