Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspiration: Dead (This was for a contest!)

 Happy Friday everyone!  :)  Usually I post my DTB entries on my blog the same day I post them on the MakeupTalk website, but life has been busy!  So here it is anyway!

How creepy!  lol!  Anywhoo!  This was for a makeup contest on  I'm not just "into" zombies and death and such.

It was really fun to do anyway, so here's some pics for yall!

Main Products Used:
  • NYX e/s in White (under eyes, highlight face, and eyes)
  • MAC e/s in Print (used on/under eyes and as a contour)
  • MAC pigment in Dark Soul (used for eye shadow)
  • Ardell Lashes in Gisele
On the lips I have Rimmel l/l in East End Snob (just around mouth).  I also have concealer on them and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush l/g in Sugar High.

The fake blood is just honey and red food coloring.  Yes, it was gross to have a huge mouthful of honey... lol.

^^Not my best pic... lol


iamfabulouslyfab said...

you look so scary!! :) wew. nice make up :)

socialitedreams said...

lol! craaaazy good, i like it....i've never done a crazy look like that, may have to give it a go


Anonymous said...

You even made my fiance go Euahh! With that fake blood. Awesome look girl :)

Lindsay said...

You've even made zombie gorgeous! I might have to try something like this for fun.

Sandi said...

I love the last picture!!

G A B Y said...

OMG! Amazing job! The first picture actually scared me LOL

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