Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration: Blue, Purple and Orange

Unless you can come up for a better name for this look, "Blue, Purple and Orange" it is!  lol

Sometimes my creativity is really lacking.  What I did was write "Lid - _____, Corner - ______, Crease x1 - _____, and Crease x2 - ______" on a piece of paper.

I reached into my drawer of BFTE minerals and grabbed one out.  The first one on my paper was lid, so the first color I pulled out went on my lid, and so on.

I have 2 crease colors for variety, plus, I didn't know what colors I'd get and I thought I'd be able to make a better look with two.  I think it worked out!

Main Products Used:
  • BFTE minerals:
    Lid - Peacock (blue)
    Corner - Whisper (white with blue shimmer)
    Crease x1 - Grape (purple)
    Crease x2 - Crush (orange)
In my haste, I forgot to write down what liner I used, but I'm pretty sure it's L'Oreal HIP cream liner in Black.

Anyway, this is probably not a color combo I would have thought up on my own.  :)

Hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

This is really pretty! The colors go together nicely. It's funny how you can randomly pick eyeshadows out and end up with a gorgeous creation :)

Meinstern said...

it looks soooo beautiful.

iamfabulouslyfab said...

My gosh, I really love your eye make up! eyes are so pretty. :)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

so beautiful, I must try this

Sandi said...

I think the colours are brilliant together! Very lovely indeed! :o)

socialitedreams said...

that blue is really nice on you, it's my fave color of the look


Sara.H said...

this is absolutely pretty :) you're so talented.

Anonymous said...

vewy pwetty !!! luv this :)))
i'm subbing :)

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