Thursday, March 26, 2009

Haul: Smashbox (Try Me Kit/Blush-Soft Light Duo)

Okay! I got my smashbox stuff forever ago, and I've had a chance to try it out. I ordered the Try Me Kit, which cost about $29. But I alsssooooo ordered it during their "Let's Do Lunch" special (free full size item with any purchase Tuesday or Thursday during lunch).

Blush/Soft Light Duo, $30 (free item!)
The pink color (super?) is a matte blush, while the shimmer (model?) is a nice highlighter. :)

Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, $18 (for full size, this is a sample)

I'm not sure that I would ever order this, being that it's $18 for the slightly larger bottle (this bottle is about as big as your pinky finger). I don't really notice a big difference when I use it.

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer, $8 (at Kroger, I think)

Yeah, this isn't smashbox, but I got it so I could compare it with the primers I got in the Try Me kit. This product does feel very nice, but the quality does not compare to the Smashbox primer! The Revlon one feels smooth, but no where near as smooth as Smashbox's!

Lip Enhancing Gloss - Sheer Color, $18

Keep in mind this is the smaller version, it's $18 for the regular size. This color is in Crystal. It's nice, and I really love the applicator brush (it's like, firm bristles), but I don't think this gloss stands out above other clear glosses I've tried. It's not sticky, it has a nice vanilla smell. I like to put it over top of my lipsticks. :)

Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer, $16 - $36

I have two of these because the littler one was a free sample with my order, and the other one came with the kit. These are both awesome! They make your skin feel so smooth. So far I haven't noticed any unusal breakouts because of them. It's $16 for the travel size (which I just order along with another free item!) and $36 for the regular size. Plus, I also think there's a jumbo size now.

Double Ended Brush, #9 and #12
Brow Tech and Cream Eyeliner Palette

First, these are both samples. You have to buy the regular full size products, which can very in price.
I love the brush. The cream liner brush (#9) is very easy to use and makes applying the liners quick and easy! The eyebrow brush (#12) is very soft, but still kind of stiff, which is important with eyebrow filling! haha!

This is the palette. It comes with a cute mirror! Oh, I should mention that the palette is about as big as a credit card (which kind of disappointed me), and the pans are about... I don't know, half the size of a penny? Either way, a little goes a long way! I'd never tried cream liner before, but now I think I'll make it an option. It's way easier than liquid (which is my normal) and pencil!

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