Sunday, March 1, 2009

Haul: Estee Lauder

My Estee Lauder stuff I ordered the other day (from! I only paid for the eyebrow corrector and the camouflage makeup concealer/foundation, the rest were free samples that I got my using an offer code from Anyway, I got a bunch of other samples, but I gave those to my mom. :) They wont be reviewed here! **All sample colors were picked by the site. I didn't have the option**

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo, $25
This shade is 03 Ginger. I got this as a sample which is pretty fly because I wear colors like this all the time! I'm not sure why I didn't make a swatch of these, but the light color is like a shimmery pink. Very cute! The darker color is pretty matte. Of course these have very good color pay off. The sample size is of course a little crappier than the REAL product would be. The real one has a mirror and a better applicator brush and larger pans. Check it out on their website!

Brow Perfecting Duo in Brunette, $26
This was one of the products I went to the site to buy. It's great! The brown shade is a powder you apply to shade in your eyebrows. It photographed a little bit darker than it is in real life. The lighter shade is actually like a wax/pomade used to put over top of your brows to seal in the color and stop your eyebrow hairs from getting mixed up. Mirror in the compact is a magnified mirror.

Maximum Cover
Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF 15
, $29.50

I ordered this in the wrong color for my skin, which you'll see in the pictures below. Who knew 03 Creamy Vanilla could be so dark!? But it is! Anyway. This product is sold in the Foundation section of the site, however, I think this product might be too cakey for a full face foundation and I intend to use it just as a concealer. This product is supposed to be able to cover a variety of blemishes, from acne scars to tattoos.

This little bit on my hand would probably be enough to cover your WHOLE face, seriously. You need just a very little!

So obviously this color (03 Creamy Vanilla) is too dark for my skin, but you can get an idea of the coverage/what color might be right for you. Estee Lauder has a good return/exchange policy, so I'm just going to mail my tube back and exchange it for the Creamy Ivory shade. :)

High Gloss - Ultra Brilliance, $16
I got these as samples, as well. They're really great! They go on smooth. They have sort of a vanilla smell. No taste.

This shade is 10 Rose. It's a very pretty coral color with gold shimmer.

This shade is 13 Berry. My favorite of the two. It's a gorgeous berry color with a bit of silvery shimmer it looks like. :)

Hope this helped!

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