Monday, January 2, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze - Spontaneous w/ Konad

 Hello everyone! 

I've been a blogging slacker lately.  I'm getting married towards the end of February so I've been busy dealing with that.  On top of that, my computer crashed and I'm frustrated with electronics - another excuse!

You all can expect that towards the beginning of March I'll have a lot more new stuff and I'll be super active over the summer!  I have a lot of looks done and ready to write posts about, including swatches of 23 shades of OCC lip tars!  Awesome!  If you have any requests, please email  :)

I may repost a Valentine's Day look I did last year.  It's one of my favorite looks I've ever done! :) 

Wedding pics to come! :-)

Happy New Year!


This is a guest NOTD!  I did my sisters nails. :)

China Glaze - Spontaneous

This is a lovely purple shade.  :)  My sister never wears purple, so we were branching out!

Konadicure is done with:
  • Konad Plate M60
  • Konad Special Polish in White

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