Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haul: MAC (eyes, cheeks, lips)

Here are some pictures of my recent purchase from MAC!  I absolutely love everything!

I wanted to get some more neutral eye shadows to wear for the summer.  I feel like eye makeup can make you look too "done up" in the summer when you just wanna look easy-breezy.  :)

Left to Right: Wedge, Brule, Naked Lunch

Wedge: I wanted this color because I don't really have a brown color like it.  I saw a Kim Kardashian day time look tutorial and they used a very soft brown and it looked so nice!  It's a matte color.

Brule: I basically just got this because Kandee Johnson loves it.  :)  I've also hit pan on my current highlight (Dazzlelight) color, so I thought it was a good opportunity to get something else. It's a satin color, so it will give a nice highlight without looking TOO shimmery.  Dazzlelight is a veluxe pearl and I find that it's a little too shimmery some days.  

Naked Lunch: I've also heard a million things about how great this color is!  Naked lunch is a frost color, but because it's got a pink tone to it, I don't think it will be too crazy as a highlight. We'll see though! 


Posey: This is a blushcream.  It's super bright - hot pink!  When I first got it out of the box, it was pretty intimidating!  Haha!  But I put a little bit on my cheeks and it was perfect!  I was looking for something that would look like a glow... if that makes sense.  Anyway!  It's another Kandee Johnson favorite, so I was into it!  :)

Left to Right: Hug Me and Hue

Hug Me is darker of the two.  They both have pink undertones.  This picture is taken with flash, so they look a little lighter than they are, especially Hug Me.  Hug Me is described on the website as a "flesh pink" and it is a lustre.  Not sure who's flesh they're talking about though!  It's definitely a little darker than I normally wear, but it's a gorgeous color!  

Hue is a glaze and is described as a soft pale pink on the website.  The picture they show has it looking a little purplie (at least on my computer) but it definitely is not!  It's a very neutral looking pink.  I was wanting it for two reasons.  Angel, my favorite MAC lippie, is almost all gone! :( So I was looking for another pale pink lip color.  And two, Angel can be a little TOO bright pink depending on what you're doing.  So Hue seems like a good everyday kind of color for me!

Left to Right:  Hug Me and Hue

^^ This picture is a more accurate shot of the lipsticks. ^^

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